Alpagames is an indie game development studio based in Switzerland in Lausanne. Our team is made of two programmers with a passion for game development and games in general.

David Perret :

I always had a passion for video games. As soon I started playing games I wanted to know how they were created and here I am, some years later, working as Software Engineer/Game designer in a company working on interactive application and coding games in my spare time, when I’m not in the air flying my hangglider. As a game programmer I always liked to “reinvent the wheel”, and I was totally unable to do any progress on my games as I was constantly rewriting my game engine, and then I discovered Unity 3D around 4 years ago. I was then able to fully concentrate myself on the game design and gameplay programming, even if I’m still fighting against my old demons wanting to recode everything in a different way ;).

Karim Daerendinger  :

As far as I can remember, I always liked games and especially video games. I started with the NES and TMNT2, Mario or Duck Tales. And this passion for video games isn’t dead yet as I continue playing on my WiiU, Xbox360 or PC.

But my passion for gaming has never been only about playing, but also about creating. I started as a little kid. My first games were homemade board games. Revisit of the Monopoly, adventure game about Star Wars or a board/cards game for my father’s birthday.

I always loved making fun games. Now that I am a programmer, I want to use my skills to make video games.

I started by using Microsoft XNA so I was able to develop on both PC and mobile. But with the death of XNA, I searched for a new engine. This is where David introduce me to Unity 3D. Since then, my passion for game development has gone through the roof. That’s why I want to go pro.