Stupid monsters with useless powers on their own. In the forest, the road is filled with obstacles but your friends can help (or kill) you ! Cooperate with your partners, find solutions, die maybe ?… And have fun

Help up to 4 Ouididits travel through the levels. Solve the puzzles and avoid the traps. But you can’t do it alone… You will need other Ouididits’ power to get through. Your power is useless unless cast on other Ouididits.

One Ouididit, One Power. When you play with your friends, every Ouididit has its own power. But you can’t use it on you. You can only use it on the other players. Use your Dpad to select the Ouididit you want to empower. Mistakes can be made, timing can be wrong. Be careful when you use your power. Talk with your friends, synchronize your actions so you can defeat all the puzzles.

Air: Send them into the air with a strong wind blow
Metal: Make them heavy as metal and also attracted to magnets
Magnetism: Transform them into a magnet so they
can attract player and magnetic things
Fire: Set them on fire so they can burn their way, or you.


Have a first taste at Ouididit prototype with our live video